Study in Norway

Norway the land of fjords, mountains and nothern lights. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of freedom and possibility to learn one of the most difficult languages.
It was a pleasure being a part of this reality, discover a new world, challenge myself and discover the other me. The me that all of you already know.
But now this story is not about this, but the directions to all the students who want to study in Norway.
From the very beginning I would like to say that I was luck to be part of Quota Scheme, so I had a scholarship. This opportunity came from my home University, it had a contract with Volda University College so I was 3rd generation student who was lucky to continue it’s master degree in Norway.
Coming back, I’ve applied to be a part of Gala Studentilor Originari din Republica Moldova. It was memorable. some time later I became part of the project MentorMe.
One year later during the second edition of #gsorm was launched a program I am proud to be part of FAR (Forumul Absolventilor Reveniti)
Now it is time to answer several of the question that might appear if you want to continue your studies in Norway.
First of all remember application time starts December, 1st till March 1st.
There are few Univeristy that offer courses in English. So, before starting your studies in Norway you will need to find a University where you will learn norwegian language before proceeding to the studies itself. There are Universities that offer an intensive 1-year Norwegian language course that allow international students to apply to Norwegian-medium study programmes.

Here is information about Norwegian course at the University where I studied:
Information about how to apply you can find HERE
All aplication information can be found HERE
Explore THIS SITE to answer the question you can have.
Information you might need to apply for studies are HERE.

Most of you will be interested in the question of grants and scholarships, try to find one HERE.

You can be inspired by the information from the University where I studied. Check out information about admission HERE.

Wish you all the luck.
In case of further inquaries contact me via MentorMe.


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